My friend just brought me a batch of fresh eggs, including two laid this very morning. How exciting is that? She said she’s having to hunt all over the yard for the goods, since the hens haven’t quite got the idea of nesting boxes. The eggs are beautiful — blues, greens, browns — almost too pretty to eat. But I’m eager to taste them knowing the girls’ diet included foraged grubs, plus strawberries and apples. And then I’ve got to get over there to pick up some chicken manure.

Seems like micro-scale chicken husbandry is catching on big time around these parts. Skagit Foodshed just got a clutch of hens. Urban Hennery brought home a big box full of new chicks, to give the original three some company and celebrate the move to a country farm. Good stuff. My fellow blogger Stephen hints of coop-building up north, so there should be more from the Alaska front soon.