Northwest Eat Local chronicles the cooking and eating adventures of two friends, Audrey and Stephen.

Audrey lives in Seattle. Eat Local Northwest began as her record of cooking and eating her way through a big box of local beef. You’ll also see her posts about cooking seasonally from farmers markets and about all the stuff she kills in the garden. Her mother describes her as a very good eater.

Stephen is an accomplished photographer and a legitimate writer who lives in Anchorage. He became interested in local, sustainable foods when he and his wife produced a series of first-person newspaper stories on the topic. He and his family subsist on buffalo, fish, and carrots — the only vegetable to reliably survive an Alaska winter — along with other Alaskan specialties. A year ago they built a coop and began raising homegrown chickens, at least one of which is now in a Vacu-Pak bag.