You won’t guess where I went last week, because it was Cleveland. On the road for work plus a fast visit to show off baby to the in-laws. Eating adventures weren’t on the agenda ’til my intrepid husband spotted a smoker in his sister’s garage, a nice red Brinkman that her hunter husband uses to smoke ducks.

Enter a farmer’s market deep in lettuces, radishes, and beets, and the plot thickened. Strawberries were in. You could smell them as you walked past the tables. But being low on cash, I allocated my scarce resources towards a hunk of pork shoulder instead. The source: Bluebird Meadow Farm, of Sullivan, Ohio, which raises lean Hampshire and Yorkshire pigs on pasture.

Next move was to ditch out on my meeting and get a dry rub going for the meat. Day two, the husband loaded said smoker with hickory chips, slow smoked the meat for the better part of a day, and it’s hard to argue with the results. The finer points of vinegar mops and sweet vs. spicy barbeque sauces I leave to those with more skin in the game.

Recipe: Smoked Pulled Pork

1 tbls cumin / 1 tbls salt / 1 tbls black pepper / 1 tbls chile powder / 1 tbls cayenne / 1 tbls brown sugar / 2 tbls paprika / 3 lbs pork shoulder

Combine spices and rub generously on pork shoulder, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate overnight. The following day, dust off your smoker and smoke shoulder over hickory chunks for two hours, fat side up, then wrap in foil and continue slow cooking until internal temperature reaches 185-195 degrees. Meat should pull apart easily. Serve on a soft bun with sauce of choice and coleslaw on the side.