Violas. I planted them for three summers, but I don’t have to anymore because they come back as sure as snowbirds. I think they’re cheerful, and the flowers are edible to boot. Some people call them invasive. Me, I say they’re sustainable.

I’m grateful for edible perennials right about now. Not that I don’t love the spring ritual of planting seeds, of watching seedlings break soil. But there’s also something wonderful about peaceably co-existing with thriving plants. Like our thick clump of sorrel. Like the raspberries and blackberries in a weedy side yard. And all of the herbs, hardy and tender.

There’s garlic and horseradish that I aspire to grow too, and rhubarb, a plant that my fellow blogger Stephen considers a weed, it’s so ubiquitous in Alaska.

What are your favorite edible perennials?