The Biscuit and I made it over to the pea patch last week where, thanks to irrepressibly warm weather, the plots are flush with cover crop, and with weeds. She entertained herself with a sprig of mint while I pulled shotweed and chopped some of the vetch and peas. Then she ramped up to a full-throated fuss, I plucked a few kale stems, and we were on the move again.

It’s the same guerilla-style gardening in the back yard. During naps I run outside to work leaf mold and fresh compost into the ground. There’s been just enough time to plant spinach, arugula, and greens. And how fantastic is it not to be preggers? A gardener can get up and get down and get all around and not be panting for air.

And now that Biscuit’s sampling her first solids, including last fall’s butternut squash, the growing season holds that much more promise.