While on hiatus from the food blog life — a hiatus I’m enjoying quite a bit, thank you, because this gig can really suck you in — things evolved on the Interwebs. The whole food-cart phenomenon caught on, enabled by Twitter, a happy development for those traveling with bambino in tow. People are opening brick and mortar restaurants. One favorite blogger, Langdon Cook, published his first book, the fabulous Fat of the Land: Adventures of a 21st Century Forager. Another favorite blogger, Hank Shaw, is at work on a book about honestly gotten food.

Then there’s this new trend of blogging farmers, which includes the Stokesberry chicken people from Olympia, Local Roots Farm in Carnation, the Foraged and Found folks, and Shelley at Whistling Train Farm, all purveyors of some of the best local things to eat. Seriously, how do they find the time?

In any case, I was psyched to read that the Stokesberrys are raising their first flock of ducks for market. Could I be any more excited about the prospect? No, I don’t think I could, even if the gratification isn’t quite as instant as, say, Twitter to Skillet street food in 30 minutes. But knowing the Stokesberrys, this is going to be some seriously good fowl.