Saturday morning, and the agenda wasn’t terribly complicated — a cup of coffee, swing by the farmers market, head to the pea patch to prep the food bank beds. But I should have known myself better. It drizzled steadily all morning, and by the time I got up and off my duff I was late to meet fellow gardeners Molly and Angelena at the patch.

Strength in numbers turns out to be a good strategy for the year’s first hack, especially when it’s so raw outside. In an hour we’d cleared the main food bank beds of encroaching weeds, turned cover crop back into the soil, and generally had things looking more presentable. Seeding comes later, once the soil is adequately amended.

So I checked on my plot, which is just starting to shake its own wintry look. Mustard has taken off and the overwintered kale, cabbages, and radishes have grown visibly. Radish seedlings were up but no carrots, beets, or spinach yet. In all it was a good kick in the pants. If I hadn’t started sprouting peas yesterday, I would be feeling seriously behind schedule.

Between our plots and the food bank beds we mustered up a fifteen gallon bin of greens for donation — an impressive haul, considering this ain’t exactly a celebrate-the-bounty kind of time of year. Not so impressive, though, that I can blow off tomorrow’s farmer’s market. Yeah, those days are still a long ways off.