Actually, we’ve decided not to change the name of our blog.

If you carefully read the letter from Greg Conner, of the Seattle company Eat Local, which sells frozen food up on Queen Anne, you’ll notice that he asks us to discontinue use of the phrase “eat local.” Forever.

As writers, words are our lifeblood. We cannot agree to his demands, and we believe the law is on our side.

The “eat local” movement is a grassroots phenomena that has been in existence since the 1960s, thanks largely to chef Alice Waters. “Eat local” is a term that has been used freely by millions of chefs, home cooks, restaurateurs, farmers, writers, and consumers for decades. It has been used promotionally by dozens of companies and organizations including Whole Foods and Patagonia, and by the City of Portland, Oregon, who hosted the first “Eat Local Challenge” that so many people now participate in.

Even we at Eat Local Northwest posted 166 posts before Eat, LLC trademarked the term “Eat Local” with the federal government, on August 19, 2008. They very sneakily did not contact us until after the public comment period had closed and your standard citizen could no longer challenge their right to the trademark.

We’ve sent our response to Mr. Conner and will be sure to post all of the gory details should this not be the last we hear from these folks. In the meantime we are going to refrain from replying to comments, but know that we are deeply grateful to our regular readers, and those coming out of the woodwork, for all of the support.