I’ve received this from the Eat Local folks on top of Queen Anne:

I need to let you know that “Eat Local” is a trademarked term that describes the chef-prepared organic and wholesome meals, frozen for convenience, that are sold by our company, Eat, LLC.

We appreciate the fact that you admire our trademark and see its usefulness in promoting certain products or services. However, using our trademark without our permission may promote confusion in the minds of consumers and infringes our trademark rights.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to come to some sort of agreement regarding use of our trademark, and would like to invite further discussions in this regard. In the meantime, we request that you discontinue all references to “Eat Local” that do not specifically refer to the meals prepared and distributed by Eat, LLC. If you find it necessary to use the phrase “eat local” to refer to anything other than our products, we suggest you add a phrase like the following:

“referred to as such because of the local origin of the food and not to be confused with “Eat Local,” chef-prepared organic and
wholesome meals distributed by Eat, LLC of Seattle, Washington.”

Please advise me no later than January 31st, 2009 that you have stopped using the “Eat Local” trademark …

… Sincerely,
Gregory Conner

So, let’s just begin the discussion right here. First of all, there aren’t many people who read this blog regularly. But those who do know that I do not use the term ‘eat local’ to promote products or services. I write this blog to share and remember things that I cook at home, for my family, and on occasion to share my opinion on a local food issue. This is my freakin’ journal.

It’s kind of weird being pushed around by somebody selling “wholesome, organic, local” foods, but the truth is that I’ve never loved the name, Eat Local Northwest. So what I’m asking for, dear reader, is some creative help thinking up a new and better blog title. And feel free to pass along the word about the ‘other’ Eat Local.