After weeks of travel, record snow accumulation, and a work schedule that went straight through Christmas, I’m cooking with ingredients from faraway places these days. So I was really happy to finally get back to the farmers market, even though there wasn’t a vegetable in sight, and even if the thing we don’t need right now is more frozen meat. Still, I picked up some nice-looking apples from Tonnemaker — they haven’t gone mealy, not yet — plus a broiler hen from Stokesberry Farm in Olympia. At Stokesberry, the chickens rotate pastures with Thurston county cows, just like Joel Salatin does at Polyface Farm in Virginia, as you may recall from Omnivore’s Dilemma, a.k.a. the Bible.

Today’s offerings also included pork, lamb, veal stock from Seabreeze Farm, salmon, oysters, cheeses, pickles, jams, handmade pasta, and cider. And we had a nice chat with Heath Putnam of Wooly Pigs, who handed us crackers smeared thickly with pork rillettes, made from the fat of his Mangalitsa piggies. Totally decadent stuff, and if I’d been smarter on my feet I would have snagged some for a super simple and tasty appetizer.