I’ve just broken into the fall’s pickle crop, which includes fermented dill cucumbers and jalapeno peppers, and the happiest surprise turns out to be the pickled tomatillos, which for us are a brand-new food entity. These guys are crunchy, spicy, flavorful, and were ready after seven days in their sour brine. That’s weeks faster than any of the others, and though they require no canning, they’re said to last months in the fridge. We’re eating them with grilled fish, nachos, scrambled into eggs, and as a condiment, and I’d guess we’ll find other uses too. How I regret being so cavalier with the late pickings, many of which rotted before I used them.

Recipe: Pickled Tomatillos

1 lb tomatillos, halved / 3 sprigs oregano / 3 cloves garlic / ½ sliced jalapeno / 1 c white vinegar / 1 c water / 1 tsp sugar / 2 tsp pickling salt / ½ tsp cumin seeds

Place tomatillos, oregano, garlic, and jalapeno slices into a glass jar. Bring remaining ingredients to a boil, then pour over tomatillos, cover, and refrigerate. They are ready in one week, and get spicier with time.