The patch is a mixed bag these days. Some of the crops have put on decent growth, but with the season’s first serious cold snap arriving today, I can’t help feeling like more would have been better. The upside is that a number of the brassicas look good and healthy, including one whose identity I lost track of at transplanting time. The green mustard is growing, the remaining spinach plants have put on new foliage, and I’m still picking a few leaves of kale now and then.

But for the second year running my cover crop was again looking pretty puny; most of the seeds that germinated a number of weeks ago have disappeared. I’m guessing they were mowed down by slugs or other garden pests, so perhaps I’m not sowing seed thickly enough, and that means putting down leaves to keep the winter rains from leaching too much good stuff from the soil. Other pea patchers are having better success with their cold season plan, like one who put down rye and vetch in late October: