OK, so I’ve been holding back on two of the best things I learned about on our recent trip to New England. First is that my lovely sister-in-law Michele is pregnant, and closely related is that she and her husband have come upon a local food so addictive that they call it “crack” behind closed doors.

I’m glad to report that the link here is chocolate milk, not crack babies. And not just any chocolate milk, but the stuff distributed by Thatcher Farm in Milton, Mass., which originates from Hatchland Dairy just across the N.H. border. Thatcher makes a weekly delivery of milk and cream to back porch iceboxes in the south Boston area, and we had an opportunity to sample some of the goods.

The recap: one jug of chocolate milk, five thirsty inlaws, and the velvety stuff was gone in two minutes flat. We’d subscribe to the weekly delivery too, if we were any closer. And happily, this is one drink Michele won’t have to give up during her pregnancy — I’m thinking with all that high-quality protein and fat she’d probably even be justified in claiming it as nourishment for the baby.