In the great newspaper tradition of chasing after seasonal stories, I spent an hour last Friday in the turkey pen of Triple D Farm and Hatchery with owner Anthony Schmidt. I’ve purchased birds, both chickens and turkeys, from Anthony before (and Stephanie and I featured him in our Eat Local series in the Anchorage Daily News) but this year the scale of his operation is different. Anthony decided to go all-in after selling out of turkeys for the last several years: he doubled the number of Thanksgiving birds, to 700.

With his turkeys priced at $4.10/lb and the economy cratering, Anthony has a problem. There’s no debating the quality: better flavor, better texture, and one can swing over to check out the conditions at the farm if desired. In the current climate, and when supermarkets are giving away 10-20# turkeys (with $150 in purchases), I suspect the market is much smaller than usual.

I think we’ll still get one, we’re dedicated localvores after all, but a $60 bird seems like an incredible luxury.

UPDATE: Yes, this was the scene of Thursday’s Gobblegate (I think it’s a good thing people know where their centerpiece comes from).