The big story this weekend was flooding on local farms, brought on by last week’s heavy rains. At the Broadway market both Full Circle Farms and Local Roots reported being affected, and a note scribbled on the market chalkboard indicated that Alm Hill was done for the year. Farmer Siri at Local Roots said that they’d picked everything they could before evacuating on Thursday. She managed a cheerful face and added, “All it means is that we’ll be back in spring.”

But it’s hard to believe that floods on farms are ever inconsequential, in spite of how routinely they seem to occur. I’ll never forget visiting Growing Things Farm in Carnation after a devastating storm two years ago left the farmers homeless, their fields ruined, and the livestock without shelter. We spent a day helping the family break down irrigation tubing and poly tunnels and frame a new flood-safe cabin. It was cold and miserable, but even then it was hard to really understand just what these folks go through just to put fresh, healthy food on our tables.

All the good news today was on the consumer side. There were some really wonderful things out like pretty bundles of leeks from the Hmong farmers at the northmost end of the market, dried garbanzo and kidney beans from Alvarez, lovely Napa cabbage from Local Roots, Romanesco broccoli from Willie Green’s. And lest anybody question the season, there were big fat squashes everywhere. November is definitely here.