Reading the fine print my Voter’s Pamplet just now, I’ve learned that City of Seattle Proposition 2 would spend $2 million to purchase additional land for new p-patches.

Here’s a story. Ten years ago, the pea patch where I garden was a vacant lot squatted by drug addicts. The neighborhood was in “transition”, as realtors say, but the city purchased the land and a few activist neighbors banded together to clear the brambles, build plots, improve the soil, and plant a flower border. These days the patch has an active food bank plot, composting system, and a children’s garden in addition to fourteen individual plots — and it’s maintained entirely by the gardener-volunteers. It’s smart governance: the city provided seed money, and the place operates on free civic energy in perpetuity.

As regular readers know, I’m not going to tell you what to do. P-patches are just a small slice of Prop. 2, so get all the facts before you vote. See you at the polls!