I was in San Francisco for work this week and every waking moment was filled with thoughts about where to eat next. You almost couldn’t go wrong. There were the scallops with maitaki mushrooms and Romanesco florets at Gary Danko. Panzanella at 1550 Hyde. A duck and chanterelle ragu at Quince. Creamy yogurt at Boulettes Larder, sprinkled with pistachios and pomegranate seeds and drizzled with raw honey that tasted of grass and herbs. Juicy plums from Frog Hollow Farm. Most of it local, served up with no discernable moral tone, and within shouting distance of my hotel, thanks to suggestions from local food maven Katrina, of Kale for Sale, who had me contemplating each slice of fish besides.

Still, this was a work trip and despite strenuous efforts to the contrary, not every meal was just so. But the thought of getting full on a boxed turkey sandwich just didn’t appeal, and I found myself reaching for the grilled vegetable wrap instead, or the noodles with tofu. The sometime vegetarian strategy was as much a revelation as were the fancy plates, and one I may just adopt next time I’m on the road.