Last year, Binda Colebrook’s Winter Gardening in the Pacific Northwest was my go-to resource for cold season growing. It’s a slim little volume that’s out of print but still available at the public library, and I went to it for all my questions about kale, collards, and cover cropping. Sometimes I had it checked out for so long I forgot I didn’t actually own it. Couple months ago I went back for a refresher. It wasn’t on the shelves and I panicked, thinking it had been swept up in one of those periodic library dragnets that clear the way for the newest books. Turns out to be a different issue — 12 holds. Twelve! Looks like winter gardening is making a comeback. So I got in line and the thing arrived yesterday, coffee stains and all. I’m hoping to finally get inspired to build cold frames, now that there are some respectable looking lettuces, kale and broccoli seedlings in the ground.

Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades, 6th ed., by Steve Solomon, also has a short winter gardening section geared towards the Puget Sound’s coastal climate. Both are published by Sasquatch Books. And check out Laura’s primer on building poly tunnels, over at the not-so Urban Hennery. What an impressive looking operation! She’ll be eating well this winter.