I had a few issues with the “oriental ribs” that came with our quarter cow. There was the name of the cut, for example, charming in a pre-civil-rights-era sort of way. There was the problem that most contemporary recipes are written for block cut short ribs. Most critically was that our first try eating the cut yielded tough, gristly meat. Still, if we were going to eat this animal before it succumbed to freezer flavor, it was time to give the cut another try.

So I marinated the ribs overnight, as everyone recommends. When I checked on them the following day I lost my nerve and left them longer, until the beef had lost every last bit of its glorious red hue. Turns out that time’s the secret. This go around they were tender and not unlike Korean barbeque, a favorite. Plus, once marinated they made for a snappy summer dinner with steamed rice and the cucumber salad from yesterday’s post. And check out this easy Asian marinade for cross-cut beef ribs.