Yesterday was hot and sunny and I could smell the ripe strawberries as I walked towards the Madrona farmers market. Man, it smelled good. About ten paces into the joint I spotted my favorite celebrity runner, vegan guru Scott Jurek, clad in a sleeveless biking jersey and sporting a chic new haircut. Alvarez was back with black beans, Scott reported happily, and he’d scored two kinds of cherries plus a big bag of pink lady apples, which were going for $2/pound at Lyall Farms of Mattawa, Wash. And he reminded me how much he loves Local Roots’ produce.

The Madrona market, at Martin Luther King and Union, started just last year but word has definitely gotten out; the place was packed. Amazingly, it’s one of three that we can access pretty easily on foot or by bike, if I could just get up the gumption to ride again after my recent spill. Anyway, in my wanderings I noted peas, carrots, bunched onions, even summer squash, alongside the obligatory squash blossoms. No way would I pay for squash, I thought, not after we could hardly give it away last summer. Still, how good was it to know I no longer had to eat every vegetable on offer, just to get some variety?

So life was good and the shopping was easy. I snapped up broccoli and bok choy and Alvarez’s last bunch of basil, my favorite harbinger of summer, and inhaled the intoxicating scent all the way home. Soon I’ll be restraining myself from buying every good thing that’s in season.