This morning Charlie went out on a 36-mile run in the Cascade foothills. Sometimes I run a bit with him but today I was happy just to meet him halfway, refill his water bottle, and relieve him of the muddy dogs. Conveniently, there’s a farmer’s market not far from the trailhead where I caught up with him.

And, well — the ambiance at this farmer’s market, in Issaquah, isn’t what you find in the city. There’s a jumbo Costco across the street. Vendors were selling homemade onesies, Kettle Korn, pansies in colorful pots. At the fringe of the market though were some actual farmer stalls, and these were the real deal. There were Asian families selling peony stems and lilies and and lettuces. There were folks from east of the mountains with peas and asparagus, both of ’em going for $2 a pound. There were leafy greens, pea shoots, baby turnips, rhubarb, knobby garlic stems, and spring onions. The scarlet-hued cherries looked a week away from ripe.

The verdict? This market’s good to know about should you find yourself in the neighborhood.