Most of the time I’m merely trying to keep up, trying to write just enough on a two or three day count that I don’t forget how to do it. Call it a hazard of the day job. I’m getting more comfortable with the idea that I won’t be inspired every time I fire up the laptop, that some posts will simply be serviceable. That’s why it’s so exciting when a post comes out just so. I can feel it in the rhythm of the language, in the bones of the story.

Sometimes I’ll read something on one of my favorite blogs and likewise think, ‘Hey, that’s right on.’ These posts always tell a good story. They’re typically pretty short. They’re often a fresh spin on the season but really about the larger drama of reclaiming our food and where it comes from. In all, they’re good inspiration for a writer’s soul. Here are a few of them:

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook’s tale of found morels

Kale for Sale’s no bag please and song of seasonal food

Herbwife’s Kitchen’s ode to wild onions

Green Bean Dreams’ slipping slugs a mickey

And Cincy Locavore’s great post, evolution of oats into non-food.