Once again I was delayed by work and rushing to hit the tail end of the farmers’ market. The late arrivals are killing me — it just feels like the best stuff is gone by the time I get there. Maybe someday I’ll become independently wealthy, with nothing else to do but stroll over first thing in the morning and soak in all the vegetable glory.

For now I’ll have to take what I can get, which yesterday was a market packed with local folk blinking in the sharp sunshine and perusing the relatively winter-themed pickings. Kale, cabbages and sunchokes remained the major forces to be reckoned with. But there was evidence that the season is starting to turn: piles of baby cabbages, baby kohlrabi, even baby turnips that Full Circle Farms claims are sweet as all get out. There were garlic greens and perky sweet pea starts.

I picked up a nice-looking goat cheese from the Port Madison people, who are back from a winter of tending to pregnant goats. And I was thrilled to see Tonnemaker Orchards occupying its usual post, selling bumpy, rugged winter squashes and a big spread of dried chiles. Their guy told me that the first fruit of the season, cherries, won’t be in until June. June? But … that’s so far away.