We picked up our first box from Full Circle Farm this week. Yukon Gold potatoes and four Braeburn apples were the only PNW residents included, but we welcomed the fresh organic vegetables just the same.

I immediately reserved the yellow pepper and cucumber for one of my favorite quick hits: modified california rolls. I added some local carrots and skipped the avocado to keep my rolls as close to home as an over-wintering Alaskan can — and I figure I can get away with using imitation crab since the primary ingredient is Alaska pollock (though it’s not a guilt-free fishery by any means: see the highliner blog at

My recipe is informal, but I think it works pretty well:

  • Sushi rice. I find that a cup (dry) of calrose rice gives me enough for four or five rolls. Just fold a mixture of rice wine vinegar (around 1/4 cup) and sugar (about a tablespoon) into the cooked rice. My mixture is short on both ingredients from the recipes I’ve seen but I prefer my rice less strong.
  • Carrots, pepper and cucumber sliced into strips about three inches long. Of course, all sorts of things can be mixed and matched for the filling.
  • Cover the seaweed with the rice from end-to-end, but leave about an inch at the top and bottom. Add the filling ingredients in a horizontal roll at the bottom edge of the rice.
  • Roll tightly (this does takes some practice) and cut with a sharp knife.