Seattle didn’t really need another coffee company but last fall it got Stumptown Coffee, a smallish outfit that sells a novel local coffee bean. By local, I mean “local”, of course. No one’s growing coffee trees in this kale-and-lentil climate. But the Portland, Oregon-based outfit does its roasting here in the Northwest, and the proximity makes for a fresh and intensely aromatic product. The coffee is as good as any, and as a drinker of decaf, I think I’m qualified to discuss taste.

The original Stumptown outpost is on 12th Avenue in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, just south of Madison, and Charlie regularly stops by on his way to work. On a recent visit he learned that these folks are about to begin roasting beans at this location, which should make it easier to find the stuff around town. It isn’t the cheapest, but Stumptown employees make a living wage, which in my book means health insurance, and that makes the price begin to look pretty darn reasonable.