Of all days to abandon local eating, Superbowl Sunday would be it. We were bringing hors d’oeuvres to a friend’s gathering, and roasted beets and fennel salad weren’t going to cut it. Obviously. I considered a dip of caramelized onions whipped with cream cheese, sour cream, and mayo, a deadly concoction that sometimes gets licked right from the bowl, and salivated over the thought of hot wings with blue cheese sauce. Then I realized deviled eggs could be done local, with home-cured salmon and hot spice. I love the incandescent yellow of the yolks.


Recipe: Deviled Eggs with Cured Salmon

6 eggs / ¼ cup yogurt or sour cream / 3 tbls diced cured salmon / large pinch cayenne, or to taste / 2 large pinches paprika / 1 tsp parsley, minced fine / salt & pepper to taste

Cook the eggs to a medium-hard boil, about 14 minutes, then cool. Peel carefully, halve, and drop yolks into a mixing bowl. Add the remaining ingredients to the bowl, combine, and return a dollop of the mixture to each egg white half. Dust with more paprika if you like. Makes a dozen.