Potato hash is a weekend favorite, not least because we cook it when no one’s in a hurry to go anywhere. The technique is basic: fry the potatoes in a skillet and sprinkle with spices as they’re getting crispy, so the flavors caramelize. It’s the ingredients that can elevate the taste; this morning we opted for a mix of spuds from Full Circle Farms of Carnation, Wash. The three varieties of potato each contributed a rendition on the theme of how-a-potato-should-taste, making for a beautiful and delicious hash. The Blue Finns, purple in the picture above, added an appealing tang.

Recipe: Hash Spices, adapted from Emeril Lagasse

4 tbls paprika / 1 tbls cayenne / 3 tbls garlic powder / 1 tbls onion powder / 1 tbls dry oregano / 1 tbls dry thyme / 3 tbls salt / 2 tbls black pepper

Mix spices together thoroughly and season potatoes to taste. We use about 1 teaspoon of the mix for each cup of diced potatoes. Store in a tightly sealed container.