It’s the final day of a long work week, which means we’re hungry when we hit the front door and the cooking has to be done fast, before someone gets grumpy. The timing seems right to grill a steak, since we need to use up the fingerling potatoes, which are sending out green feelers full of solanine. So New York steak comes out of the frozen depths, and the first item of business is to figure out what ‘New York steak’ really is. A search of the usual sources puts it in the short loin, considered the most tender section of the cow. It goes by a number of names, including strip, Kansas City, Delmonico, shell, or club steak — hey, butchers! Could you please talk amongst yourselves!

Anyway, I chose an Argentinian chimichurri preparation for our New York steak. This meant a two-hour marinade, not ideal for a work night — but it looked pretty and smelled great, so we went with it. Charlie grilled our steak on the hottest flame our gas ‘que could muster on a night with snow predicted, and the steak came out juicy, lean, and big-time beefy. Thanks to Charlie’s crack grilling skills, it was also deliciously rare.

Chimichurri Marinade for 1 lb New York Steak

¼ cup sherry or other vinegar / scant ¼ cup olive oil / ¼ cup chopped parsley / 1 tbl chopped fresh oregano / 1 clove garlic, chopped / dash red pepper flakes

Mix ingredients together and reserve one-third for serving. Marinate meat for 2-4 hours. Grill over high heat, 4 minutes per side, or as you like, then remove from heat, rest, and top with remaining unused marinade to serve.

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