When Charlie worked at a restaurant in D.C., customers came in on Thanksgiving and ate dinner alone, he remembers. He convinced himself that they were in from Sweden or Oman or Malaysia, on business. But it was still pretty awful, he says.

I recognize that not everybody sits down to a big feast with family and friends, or even gets to eat on Thanksgiving, and I feel grateful for everything that I have. Tomorrow, Charlie and I will be cooking and eating together, just the two of us. We’ll roast a turkey, an Acme brand bantamweight that weighs in at five pounds, smaller than chickens we’ve cooked. It isn’t a local bird, as far as I’m aware. To snag one of those, we would’ve had to plan for dinner back in August. But we’ll have a lovely table nonetheless. We’ll make stuffing with sausage, mashed potatoes, greens. We’ll have plenty of turkey leftovers. And we’ll give thanks for all of it.