I’ve asked my old friend Stephen, from Anchorage, to contribute to the blog.

He’s an accomplished photographer and writer who, with his wife, authored a series of articles for the Anchorage Daily News last fall about their week of eating 100% local. These have been, over time, among the most-accessed articles on the newspaper website. Their eating wasn’t easy, since Alaska’s “foodshed” is considerably more dispersed than here in the Puget Sound, where delicious produce grown within a fifty-mile radius can be had year round.

Steve and his wife have continued to seek out local, sustainably grown food, and during his visit this week, he mentioned that their eighth of a buffalo is on it’s way. It’s great tasting stuff, he said. And they’ve also got a freezer packed with local halibut. I guess that gets right to the heart of the situation: eating local is truly an act of place. So Steve will be reporting in from time to time on how the family is surviving on their buffalo, fish, and other locally-grown food, and how they’re cooking all of this good stuff.

Maybe he’ll want to trade for some beef on his next visit to the Lower 48.